Worksheet Styling & Theming

No more worrying about formatting and beautifying your worksheets manually, our styling & themes automatically format and beautify your worksheets

Ever wish you could just click a button and your worksheet will automatically beautify and formatted for you? We've heard this problem come up a lot with spreadsheet users and we've created a solution for this when you're working with Zen!

More themes are coming soon!

Introducing Zen's default theme

With Zen's default theme, your worksheet will be beautified and automatically formatted based on our tested formats, so you'll no longer have to do it all manually. You can now view your output worksheets or result worksheets and just focus on the data.

Right now, our default theme focuses on Zen's primary colors but we're working on more themes for you to choose from. We'd also love to hear from you on what themes you'd like, send us an email here

Our automatic formatting includes:

  • Text wrapping
  • Header cells' text alignment

We're working on adding more automatic formatting based on our user needs.

Example of a worksheet with Zen's Default Theme

Example of a worksheet with Zen's Default Theme

Customize your appearance preferences

We understand that sometimes the default isn't what you want and so, we've provided flexibility and extra customization on our 'Preferences' screen.

We'd love to receive feedback from our users on this new feature! Send feedbacks here