Find solutions to common error while using Zen.


Important Note

While Zen has just entered Beta, there might be some instances or issues that we've missed and are working on. We're always working to improve our users' experience on Zen as well as spreadsheet.

Your worksheets are not updating on Zen

If your worksheets or new data are not being updated on Zen, here's how to solve this issue.

How to fix:

  • Click the 'Resync' button - available on the dashboard, adding directives screen, worksheet details screen

"Error running worksheet, please recreate directive"

Common causes:

  • Changing the name of your column's header

How to fix:


Example of "please recreate directive" error

Dependency cycle error

Dependency cycle error occurs when multiple worksheets are linking each other. This prevents Zen from functionally normally because we can't properly compile these worksheets for you.

How to fix:

  • Remove the formulas that are connecting these worksheets
  • Delete the worksheets that are involved



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