Getting Started with Zen

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Transform your data

Transforming your spreadsheet's data has never been easier. With our directives, it makes working with spreadsheet 10x easier. No more having to worry about errors on your spreadsheet, Zen will catch these errors for you.

Drag down your formulas

Our 'match-rows' directive allows you to easily drag down your formulas. Set it up once and Zen will automatically update your worksheet as more data is being added!

Connect worksheets

Ever wanted to pull data from another worksheet but you're always worried that something might go wrong in the process or down the line? Zen's got you covered. Zen allows you to connect worksheets easily and keep track of it on your dashboard.

Everything with ease

We've made Zen so that any users will be able to work on spreadsheets like a pro. With that in mind, our users can now perform SQL-like data transformation, drag down formulas and connect worksheets easily and with a click of a button, everything will be updated automatically when new data has been added. On top of that, Zen will also detect any errors on spreadsheets so that our users would not have to worry about errors anymore.


Important things to take note

Some spreadsheet functions may not work on Zen yet. Do refer to the documentation here

What’s Next

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