Runtime API

Software Developers use the Pebble Stream Runtime to execute Pebbles.

The Pebble Stream Runtime is a software library that software developers can import into their applications. The Runtime enables the execution of Pebbles. Pebblers create Pebbles by compiling Pebble Stream compatible spreadsheets.

Pebbles are designed to be operated as black boxes. Software developers do not have to know the internal workings of a Pebble. They simply need to provide the required input and collect the expected output.

Software developers can programmatically inspect a Pebble to discover at runtime the required inputs and expected outputs for a Pebble.

The Pebble Stream Runtime may throw exceptions or return errors whenever Pebble execution fails. Pebblers, and not software developers, are in charge of determining when a Pebble should fail execution. Software Developers are only in charge of providing the required input for Pebble execution, executing the Pebble, and retrieving the Pebble's expected output.