Welcome to Zen for Google Sheets!


Zen for Google Sheets Beta is now live!

We're happy to announce that Zen is now available to be installed on Google Workspace Marketplace. We'd love to hear your feedback.

What is Zen?

Zen gives you all the missing tools you never knew you wanted in Google Sheets. Zen is a spreadsheet overlay that provides advanced computational directives to Google Sheets and Excel. Zen users can design spreadsheets as executable functions. We call Zen users Pebblers (more on that later) Pebblers using Zen can create spreadsheets that accept data in the form of input worksheets, execute logic as transient worksheets, then produce a final set of output worksheets as the spreadsheet's results.

Zen supports several computational directives. With Zen, Pebblers can perform copies, joins, outer joins, cross joins, and cell drag downs with button clicks. Zen's user interface makes these complex data transformations accessible to expert and beginning spreadsheet users.


Pebblers are Zen users that design Pebble Stream compatible spreadsheets.

We believe Pebblers are bonafide software developers, and the spreadsheet combined with Zen is the perfect Integrated Development Environment (IDE)!

Pebblers, using the advanced computational directives provided by Zen, can join worksheets by common criteria, stack worksheets on top of each other, and generate new worksheets based on other worksheets. Zen enables the automation of data manipulation functions available as menu options in typical spreadsheet applications.

Automated execution of worksheets

The standout feature of Zen is that it allows Pebblers to automate mundane manual spreadsheet operations by simply clicking a button. A Pebbler can create a series of worksheets that, when combined, function as a single process.

Connecting worksheets as a single process allows users to apply the same approach to data sets of different sizes without making further manual adjustments!

How we've integrated Pebble Stream technology into Zen

Zen uses Pebble Stream's core spreadsheet emulation technology to inject these advanced data manipulation and computation directives into Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet applications.

Pebblers can use Zen to develop all or part of a spreadsheet workflow. A bonus of using Zen is that your Zen-designed spreadsheet workflow can be executed directly in the spreadsheet or published as a file called a Pebble.

Pebble files encapsulate the logic of a spreadsheet designed by Zen. Pebbles are portable. Developers can implement the logic encapsulated in a Pebble by embedding it in your spreadsheet in a cloud, mobile, or desktop application.


Pebbles are portable!

Developers could use the encapsulated logic in Pebbles to run spreadsheet logic in the cloud or embedded in a device.


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